Weekly Roundup: Week 1

The Weekly Roundup: Week 1 

I thought it would be something interesting to try to share the interesting parts of my week on here. I thought it may be fun just to see how many weeks I can go!

This Week's Obsession

 This week has consisted of way too much Call the Midwife. Seriously, how have I not seen this show before? I'm always a sucker for a good British drama but this one takes the cake. GO WATCH IT.

This Week's Bit of Creativity 

When I wasn't watching Netflix, I did a little Bible journaling. This is an ongoing project that I've been working on. Maybe I'll even make a post about it soon. But here's the page I did last night, I got the verse and design inspo from Pinterest everything else just kinda popped into my head and I decided to go with it. I was seriously jammin' to Hillsong Worship while I was crafting. They just never get old.
This verse was an important reminder for me this week. I have a lot of "what-if's" and "maybes" racing around in my head in this season of life. It's nice to just stop for a second and remember God has got this and I have nothing to worry about.

Best Day of the Week

My Mom always have Wednesdays (and the weekends obvi) off during the week and as long as I'm not working, we always have an adventure. We always have so much fun together even if it's just going to the grocery store. This week we went to Zaxby's then drove out to a local park and had a picnic lunch. It actually sounds much nicer than it was as we were constantly annoyed by flies and various other vermin. Nevertheless, it was still so nice to take time out of our day to just slow down and appreciate the now. 

If I'm not working, I love to do my makeup all nice and have some fun with it. This week I went all gold/bronze and I really liked it. I'm not too keen on this selfie but oh well, ya can't win 'em all amirite?

Other Random Bits

Friday was a dreary and wet day. I spent most of the morning wrapped up in bed with my heating pad as my BFF (My TOM is visiting this week if ya catch my drift). Anyway, on my way to work I popped into Starbucks to grab an Venti Deaf Iced Americano with 2% & Caramel. Yeah, I'm one of those difficult coffee drinkers. I was just expecting to have a typical Starbucks experience where the Barista either doesn't hear my name right or spells it wrong (I have had Harry written on my cup before, NO JOKE). But the guy asks how to spell my name and then presents me with this gorgeous cup, it honestly made my day! 


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