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The Beginning

The Beginning
Well hello there, I hope you're having a lovely day. If you haven't already gathered, my name is Hollye (Yes, that's Holly-with-an-"e" as I often get called lol.) I thought I might introduce myself before trying to start blogging, I feel like that is a very blogger-y thing to do. I have always loved writing and reading and have really loved following all the blogs that I can find. They seem like so much fun to write and I thought I could probably write one myself.

I'm a Sophomore in college majoring in Communications with a focus on digital & mass media. I'm what you would describe as quite the geek. I absolutely love Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Makeup, Reading & Youtube along with many other things. My dream is to one day work with the Disney Company and put smiles on so many people's faces. On average, I visit Disney World about twice a year which sounds like a lot but for me, I won't be satisfied until I live there…

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